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Granite Point, the largest supplies of quality granite stones in India. Now the transformation of lives, normal to luxurious, are in the grip of any sofesticated people holding the hand of Granite Point. As honestly and quality maintenance are the two tallest pillers of the company, we are glad to reach the highest customer satisfaction, in the world of natural Stone trading business, till date.


Granite Point welcomes you to the world of natural Stone, transforming normal life to a luxurious one.

Rajasthan Granite

This stone are from corely Rajasthan and near by areas. They are of variety of colours and designs. As these granites Read More…

Southern Granite

This types of granite are from southern states of India, like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc. This type of Granite Read More…

Imported Granite

These granite stones are directly purchased from abroad. These stones have natural sparkles and brightness. Read More…

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